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Designing a personal space can usually tell a lot about a person. For a modern person, his house is a real source of strength and inspiration, so the situation should be fully consistent with the lifestyle of the owners. Convenience and practicality play an important role - the functional content of the interior should not only reflect the mood and character of the owners, but also improve their lifestyle.


Residents of the metropolis often lack natural aesthetics. Eco-style returns to nature and characterizes the love for it. Most people strive to create the most calm and comfortable interior for themselves, using as many sources of natural light (large windows, lots of mirrors), sometimes choosing instead of massive furniture for living rooms and dining rooms - light garden furniture, decorating living spaces with houseplants.You can create a green oasis in the house with the help of stabilized moss and large living plants, and complement their composition in an unusual way - using tropical prints in the decor. The selected materials for finishing have a natural origin - wood, stone, bamboo, concrete or cork. Ecostyle welcomes such small details of decor as wicker or earthenware, stone stands, linen, silk or wool textiles.


Minimalism in interior design focuses on maximum simplicity and clarity. People no longer want to fill their homes with unnecessary things. The interior is only necessary, which gives the development of the same aesthetics. Such an interior can also be enriched with unusual objects-finds, for example, sculptural elements. But still the peculiarity of this style is the use of restrained natural materials that give a feeling of space and light. For example, the design of the walls can be completely different: from textured plaster to wallpapering. It is important and correct to choose a color combination without a picture - white will be suitable as a base, and graphic gray can serve as a contrast. You can also combine glass, concrete or natural stone with a pronounced relief.


Sophisticated classic interior lines always remain in trend. Neoclassicism, compared to classical design, is more concise, restrained and harmoniously combined with innovative approaches to creating functional housing. The interiors of the apartments in neoclassical style also have luxury and elegance with a moderate amount of furniture and decor. This style is ideal for large apartments with high ceilings and lots of natural light. Neoclassicism implies a combination of calm tones (or a game of contrast), the right symmetrical proportions, the use of noble materials for decoration, a large number of mirrors, elegant details and shapes, but not too lush and whimsical.

Mixing styles.

In other words, creating a modern style in the interior rely on eclecticism. In this case, you no longer need to look for many identical chairs or cutlery. We need a design not for everyone, but for everyone. The organization of living space is designed to combine different styles, textures and time. The favorites of this trend are oval shapes and smooth lines. Eclecticism remains one of the most complex styles, as when creating an interior is sometimes difficult to maintain the line between contrast and the chaotic use of various design elements, which at first glance do not fit together. Here it is best to follow the rule of a combination of no more than 3 styles. It is better to keep a sense of proportion than to overload your interior and then feel psychological discomfort. The companions of the style are also natural materials, light shades and functional atmosphere. Furniture is selected ergonomic, compact size.


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